Happy Tails


This lovely story from Karen 🙂
I just wanted to bring you up-to-date with Girl or Abby as she is now called. After a few days of pining while adjusting to her new life, she has now settled in with my mum really well. We are really starting to see her lovely personality come out and Mum is enjoying her new companion very much and I think the feeling is mutual. Abby is quite cheeky and – as you know – is able to sniff out food from a mile away. Already, while Mum’s back has been turned, Abby has helped herself to a piece of bread and butter, and tracked down a treat destined for her but placed somewhere on a bench or sideboard, Mum can’t remember where. All she knows is that she put it down somewhere in preparation for giving it to her as she was heading out the door and then mysteriously it was…gone.
She is getting regular walks and for the first time today Mum felt confident enough to let Abby off the lead while we were at a local park with her ‘old’ friend Partley (our dog). After running some big circles, Abby ran straight back up to Mum and sat at her side. What a good girl!
So, she is happy and settled and getting along just fine. I know you must miss her but know that she has gone to a good home and is being loved and giving love in return.

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