Happy Tails


This little girl inspired us to start Adopt a Dog. She was our first rescued dog and we called her Maxi. We fostered her for over two weeks. She had such a beautiful nature and fitted in so well in our lives that we were tempted to keep her. But we had to think about all the other abandoned dogs that needed us, so we put Maxi’s story on flyers, trademe and petsonnet – hoping that a loving family would want to welcome her into their home.

During the time she was with us, Maxi bonded with our family. Pippi, our female dog, become a real mum to Maxi and our little baby boy just fell in love with her. His eyes would light up every time he saw Maxi and he always had a big smile whenever she was around him.

Soon after we advertised Maxi, we received a really nice email from a couple in Auckland. At first we were a bit nervous about handing Maxi over to a couple we hadn’t met personally, but through Skype conversations and more emails, which included photos and videos, we were able to introduce Maxi to the couple.

Once all of us were happy that this was the best decision for Maxi, we met the couple halfway in Taupo and handed her over to her new family. It was a beautiful Sunday when we drove that wee cute little puppy to Taupo, with a pretty bow around her neck. We were excited for her, but also sad that she was leaving us.

The sadness disappeared when we met Brandice and Derek in person. We had lunch together and went for a walk with Maxi.

Saying good bye to this cute puppy was bitter sweet, but we promised to stay in touch. We felt she was going to a fantastic home with people who would love her and look after her well. Maxi has been re-named and is now called ‘Millie’. She lives with her new family on an Airforce base in Auckland. She is doing well in her new home. Her family say she is easy to train, and they just adore her. She’s also grown quite a bit. They love Millie and are very happy with her. And we are delighted that this adoption was such a success. At Adopt a Dog, we hope to give a lot more families new friends like Millie!

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