Sophie has gone to her forever home

Sweetheart Sophie came to us on May 4th 2012, she has been waiting for her forever home for 5 months. Today she went to her forever home, I have to confess a few tears were shed today she had become such a big part of our lives, but today Julie and Alan came to visit and Sophie just knew they were for her! She was a different girl and climbed up on Alans knee, lay her head on his shoulder and licked him and cuddled up close. She knew this was the family she had been waiting for, she was letting me know in the only way she knew how that she had chosen them and only them for her new home  and I had never seen her look so happy. I took her with me to visit and said my goodbyes there and then, I could see she was where she was meant to be. Goodbye sweet Sophie, you deserve the very best and now you have it, we will truly miss you but know how happy you will be in your new home . xxx

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